Lautus G&W 5.1


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– Adaptation to the game version 1.14
– Reworked many asphalt texture
– Removed a lot of unnecessary from mod and it removed some bags
– Little change in lighting

ETS2 version: 1.14x

Dastagir, BlackOpen, axelrol


28 Responses to Lautus G&W 5.1

  1. KGandhi says:

    Nice work dude.. but can u pls make the grass a option bcoz its decreases the charm and reality of the mod..thanks..-Dastagir

  2. solider says:

    New link please!

  3. Fred_be says:

    Another download link please

  4. Moist_Pants says:

    Looks really good. Kinda like my pants.

  5. roy says:

    what a pathetic download link. if you want people to try this you should use sharemods or zippyshare

  6. Oxyd says:

    omg 14 hod downloading, please new link

  7. baha2r says:

    Nice mod!
    direct pls.. mediafire

  8. SnaSnaSnael-76 says:

    New link mod pkease !!!

  9. Paweł92 says:

    work with patch 1_13_04 ?

  10. kriechbaum says:

    Very nice mod, love it.

  11. Vader says:

    Looks really good, but traffic lights are missing

  12. Ivan_007 says:

    Looks like awesome but I found bug

  13. kriechbaum says:

    Yes, some accessories bugs with this mod… it needs an update.

  14. KGandhi says:

    pls can somebody give a proper link of this mod i cant download it..from share mods my download is failing..:]

  15. johndoe says:

    Sharemods is not working atm. Anyone having the new fixed version on a better site?

  16. Vader says:

    Sorry, but I see the same old problem: No traffic lights, my own lights are very weak and street lamps no illuminate the asphalt. Dastagir, BlackOpen and axelrol-fix this, please! I really like this mod!!

  17. Demon says:

    С True Ai Lights не работает. Это можно как-то исправить?

    • Dastagir says:

      Заменить весь свет из лаутуса светом из True Ai (units/hookup/lights) и всю папку флеер на ту, что в тру аи.

      • Demon says:

        Благодарю, нашёл ещё один вариант. В True Ai из папки def удалил файл hdr.sii и всё пошло нормально.

        • Dastagir says:

          Lf не за что) А я даже не знал что там свой HDR 😀

  18. baha2r says:

    pls realese for 1.18 patch

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