LD Paradiso G7 1200 Scania 6×2 + Passengers Mod

LD-Paradiso-G-7-1200-Scania-6x2+Passengers-Mod-2 LD-Paradiso-G-7-1200-Scania-6x2+Passengers-Mod-1

LD Paradiso G7 1200 Scania 6×2 Bus with Passengers Mod
Replaces: Scania, Volvo and Mercedes Trucks
Tested with 1.10.1 version

Authors: Linux, AdReis, Possatto


11 thoughts on “LD Paradiso G7 1200 Scania 6×2 + Passengers Mod

  1. Nice but have you tryed going thru the TOLL with it? The last verion didn’t wouldn’t let me go thru.thats why i deleted it.Lol

      1. AirbusForever

        ### IS IT U!!!!!!!FSX FTW

  2. Last version wouldn’t let me go thru i meen.

  3. how do you guys fix so it´s working for you, for me when I have bought the bus and starts to drive it crashed

  4. Problems barrier can not pay, I raise the barrier to http://postimg.org/image/og4wk52dp/

  5. I got to a repair station tried to turn around and found there’s an invisible trailer so I got stuck on what to do but other than that love the mod 😀

  6. @dr_jaymz

    excuse me, im i wrong or it replace scania, volvo and mercedes? how is that happened?


      Great mod just tried it on 1.12 with no other mods, and it works fine. Cool now I have euro bus simulator and euro truck simulator, LOL. Thanks Linux, AdReis, Possatto.

  7. problem with barriers FIX IT CAT PLAY

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