LeciTrailer by Addicted Standalone

-6 Skins, you can select which you want in jobs.
-Easy to find in jobs.
-Fixed some lights.
-Corrected hook for Scania Nextgen.

Addicted, HOTRACER, Addicted, joaoppg, 3drskins, Zilpzap, Königszapfen, Roadhunter & Sogard3.


5 thoughts on “LeciTrailer by Addicted Standalone

  1. Jose Antonio


    1. What is “FAKE” ?

      1. this mod is my!
        look this skin that logesta,for example
        say http://www.efmods.cf , this is my website
        i will report this mod

        1. If you dont want to update your mods let other people to do it, next time lock your files.

  2. willy1962

    where can I find templates for this trailer ?

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