LED Trucklight v 4.0

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Here is my LED Trucklight Mod 4.0

new on my mod is the new Old Scania Logo on Chrome and Truckpaint

new on the accessorys : a new Lightbox

Have Fun

SCS, Madster, Schumi, René Wolf, Eugene and Dennis Grelak


9 thoughts on “LED Trucklight v 4.0

  1. GermanETS2Driver

    Danke für das schicke Update Dennis 🙂

    1. Dennis Grelak

      With pleasure

      1. Thanks for this update,
        I’d also like to see the krone logo on the bumper behind the trailer, will it be possible ?

        1. Dennis Grelak

          it would be possible but it does not look that great

          1. Ok fine I accept your opinion, mine was just an idea (it was not a request) and thanks for answering me you were very kind.
            CiaoZ e Buona notte: io vado a?? sbronzarmi??

        2. Dennis Grelak

          Thank you mate 🙂

          And good night

  2. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.34

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  4. Dennis Grelak

    Thanks to Mr.Germantruck and Neranjana for the Reviews 🙂

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