Led Zeppelin Trailer


Led Zeppelin Standalone trailer
Tested on game version
Manifest included
Rommi TZ Schmitz S.KO base trailer
Author: FatLizard

I hope you like it ! 🙂

Scs, EtsStudio, Rommi TZ


4 Responses to Led Zeppelin Trailer

  1. Dmitri says:

    Мои любимые Led Zeppelin!!!

    • FatLizard says:

      Тогда вы знаток … !!! 🙂
      Then You are a connoisseur … !!! 🙂
      Переводчик Google …

  2. Frosensito says:

    Very good job! can u please keep updating trailers of the same genre, its perfect!

    • FatLizard says:

      You say “it’s perfect!” … and you make me blush.
      Thanks !!! 🙂
      About other trailers of this kind … I must warn you …
      I’m a nostalgic. 😀

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