Legend Truckers Bangladesh

Legend Truckers Bangladesh ( Official Mod )
Mod info:
4 Own-trailers paitnjobs
4 Trucks paintjobs ( 2 Scania & 2 Volvo )
4 Flags
4 Cabin flags
1 Cup

27C ( Sandro Tchavtchavadze )


3 thoughts on “Legend Truckers Bangladesh

  1. ### is that??? 752mb???
    What for? Some Skins and Paintjobs?
    No, thank you for “this” 🙁

  2. Error: You made a SCS. Not good.
    I´ve just made a zip-Archive.
    Result: 36.9mb ?

    1. This this mod with highest quality textures so if you don’t know please 🙂 -_-

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