Lego Car

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Converted from AC. AC author: garyjpaterson
ETS2 converter: Metehan Bilal
Has own interior, sound.
It just for fun.

Metehan Bilal


16 thoughts on “Lego Car

  1. Pénzes Tibor

    Please make a motocycle!

  2. ### lol

  3. y en as qui on, rien d autre a faire que des choses inutile et qui ne ressemble a rien sa deviens n importe quoi la dessus comment peut on accepter ce genre de chose ?

    1. Eu Driver

      not love? not use? not talk ###### words, OK?? DUDE.

      1. Why you spam? Everybody has the Right to say his Opinion.
        Yes, yankee71 is right. Waste, Useless…. 🙁

        1. TheGreenlightTrucker

          It’s just for fun. It don’t need to useful.

        2. Offcourse the french guy can have his opinion, but his comment goes a bit to far tbh. Bashing the mod and the author like that is absolutly not necessary.

      2. Eu Driver, this is french language that you don’t know.
        This reply isn’t ######, YOU are ######.
        Let me translate for you to know :

        There’s some people who have nothing to do except unusable things and who looks at nothing we know. This become awful, how can we accept these things ?

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…


    what is this, son.

  6. Funny little lego cart 🙂 Puts a smile on my face! Absolutly love it 😀 nice to have something like this ingame for a change. Good work. Hope in feature updates you can make stuff like the lights and blinkers working

  7. Will you please make a tractor unit?

  8. mehrab rjl

    #### it’s so funy 🙂
    it’s so cute

  9. araç yerinde durmuyor zıplıyor sürekli

  10. Dodge Ram 3500 when?

  11. create a HYMER B-KLASSE please. One example is in the AI traffic. Thanks

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