Leipzig/Halle Airport v 1.0

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This mod is a small map expansion in the Leipzig area. It adds Leipzig / Halle Airport and two companies. The airport is not a replica of the real airport and is only intended to convey the feeling of collecting freight from the airport and delivering freight to the airport.

The mod adds the two companies Tradeaux and Sellplan as well as a hotel. In the background you can see the actual airport.

important information:
No DLC’s required to use this map.
If you can find any bug/glitch, please write it into the comments and I will fix it.

tested versions:
This mod was tested with the version 1.36.x
A test with the new version 1.37 is coming soon.




3 thoughts on “Leipzig/Halle Airport v 1.0

  1. compatible with promods?

  2. is it working with promods?

    1. NO! because on pormods i already the airport

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