Leipzig Map Expansion 0.3.0

This is my first map I am building. I’m still very new to it and hope you like it.
It’s not compatible with Promods.

Expansion Map for Leipzig

All Expansion DLC’s required

Update Version 0.3.0:
– updated for version 1.37
– added a gas station to the south of Norrfood company
– somes fixes to objects

Update Version 0.2.3:
– some changes near Norrfood company
– fixed some signs
– fixed grass popping out from Norrfood company
– placed a missing barrier at Norrfood company

Update Version 0.2.2:
– some bugfixes

Update Version 0.2.1:
– do some fixes to the speed limits
– Norrfood company has some little changes
– size increased to 15 MB

Version: 1.37



2 thoughts on “Leipzig Map Expansion 0.3.0

  1. Shadowplay

    Some information i want to share with you the version 0.4.0 will have a bigger change. The Tree-et company will be moved near to the city. Hope you enjoy my map and the time between the 0.3.0 and 0.4.0 should be smaller than before. I’ll do my best.

    1. Shadowplay

      For the newest version i wrote the mod name wrong “Leipzig Expansion Map 0.4.2”

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