Leipzig Map Expansion 0.5.0

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Expansion Map for Leipzig

All Expansion DLC’s required

It’s not compatible with Promods or other maps that will include the area of Leipzig

Update 0.5.0:
– mod size decreased to 7 MB
– reworked southwest of the environment
– added new road in the southwest of Leipzig
– added a hotel at the new road
– added more little details to the southwest
– added buildings
– changed the gas station logo in the southwest
– replaced some signs
– replaced some lines
– removed lines on the road to Tree-Et company
– fixed grass popping out
– fixed some bugs

Update 0.4.2:
– added a picture for this mod
– removed traffic on the road to Tree-Et company

Update 0.4.1:
– fixed a texture pop out of a rock near Tree-Et company
– added traffic lights to road cross in the south of Leipzig

Update 0.4.0:
– reworked a big area to the north of Leipzig
– Tree-Et company moved near to the city
– added a road from the old place of the Tree-Et company
to the city
– many environment changes around the new road
– added a apple tree field
– added a wheat field
– fixed the speedlimits
– fixed signs around the old place of the company

Update Version 0.3.0:
– updated for version 1.37
– added a gas station to the south of Norrfood company
– somes fixes to objects

Update Version 0.2.3:
– some changes near Norrfood company
– fixed some signs
– fixed grass popping out from Norrfood company
– placed a missing barrier at Norrfood company

Update Version 0.2.2:
– some bugfixes

Update Version 0.2.1:
– do some fixes to the speed limits
– Norrfood company has some little changes
– size decreased to 15 MB

Custom Company Prefabs by Kirrou:

Version: 1.37



4 thoughts on “Leipzig Map Expansion 0.5.0

  1. Nice try but many red errors because missing character models, a cargo definiton problem and some gaps on the map ground.

    1. Shadowplay

      thanks. How i can fix these problems? I’m very new at this

  2. Shadowplay

    This map is temporarily paused. I still don’t know when I will update them further, but I am working on a new project which I will start soon. So look forward to it.

  3. The Nightgames

    Good evening Shadowplay

    I wanted to ask you if there is an update of your map
    I would be happy if you leave me a reply on Discord: Dr. Nightcore#8653

    With kind regards
    The Nightgames

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