Less Ferries update

Because the job generator uses ferries when possible and pay nothing for ferry mileage, and also it cancels the opportunity to explore roads, I remove many ferries, and I kept only the necessary. On example, on EAA map, you can jump from Rio Grande to Vitoria or Santos via Calais, which is unreal. Therefore I removed all ferries from Europe to EAA except Calais – Santos. One more example: You can jump from Kristiansand to Bergen with ferry and it is almost impossible to find jobs with reasonable salary via road. I left only 2 ferries between Denmark and Scandinavia, and no ferry between the Norwegian cities.
If you want to retrieve some ferries, just go to def/ferry/connection and delete the corresponding file. If it doesn’t help, delete both cities from def/ferry.

Ferries for Baltic DLC are removed.



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