Leucht kasten V2 (lightbox)


This is skinnable lightbox by Ghosttruck. On pictures lightbox is skinned to my comppany, original text is HIGHWAY TO HELL!

Work and later

Lightbox fit Volvo, DAF and Scania


20 thoughts on “Leucht kasten V2 (lightbox)

  1. Does it still include the roofbar above it?

  2. yes, include 10 addon place: 6 in roofbar 2 sides of cabin and 2 sides of lightbox (where michelins is)

    1. this is just original, nothing change! (exept in pictures my logo on lightbox) old version by lightbox who ever have it delete that if u use this, changes to old, if i remember right is that here is more addon place to choose.. (old not have addons by lightbox sides..)

      old version may not shared anywhere else than TC/Ghosttruck own site, so this message is for those who dl it from there! (now site is closed)

  3. Bart van Ham

    Shame, I was looking for a version with just the lightbox without roofbar and possibly without side brackets.

  4. i have that V1 if you want ? maybe you can edit it 🙂 .. contact me on http://ets2-mods.com/forum

    1. V1 is little different but i dont remember how much..

  5. How can i change the logo on the lightbox?? can you give me an example. maybe on german? because I am from Germany =)

    1. sry i dont speak german…. open mod and when u find lk-paint.dds (vehicle/truck/upgrade/roofgrill/scania_rcab_2009), edit that, pack it again, and its there..

  6. Hey How can I edit the file to change the logo on the lightbox, and by the way, how do I install it??

  7. just drop your .scs or .zip into your “Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod”

    edit… you can edit it example windows paint,or photoshop or gimp or paint.net or some pain program..

    like i allready say..
    open mod and when u find lk-paint.dds (vehicle/truck/upgrade/roofgrill/scania_rcab_2009), edit that, pack it again, and its there..

    detailed instructions
    So times here will hopefully clear guidance about skinning the light box. So let’s get started. First we go into the mod folder Documents Settings \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod Since then leucht_kasten.scs. This opens it with Winrar and follows this path : \ vehicle \ truck \ upgrade \ roofgrill \ Once there, you can see three trucks scania_rcab_2009 volvo_fh16_2009 daf_xf Depending on what you want her skinning goes into each archive. If you then (in my example) in Scania since you see there 2 DDS files. lh paint.dds = lh-paint the side brackets where the warning lights are lk-paint.dds = lk-paint is the main texture of the light box. Since we only want the main part skinning we hold down the left mouse button our lk paint.dds on the desktop, for example. then we open with this dds DXTBmp edit them. Opened the whole looks like this. 1st Send it to Editor second refresh after Edit 1.1. Send it to Editor 2.2. Refresh after Edit Now starts the actual process of the skin. First we send the main picture on the button first to our paint program to edit it. If you have the picture finished their stores and this pushes the button the second the view to update. Well The difficult. Top right you will see a small picture of what is the preview for the alpha channel. This has only the color black to Weis. So no red, blue or green or whatever. This channel is important because it determines what later lit up at night. Now we do the same as with the main picture. About 1.1. we send it to our paint program to edit it. . course, you should make sure that the alpha channel look just must like the Colour image just stop in schwarzweis This acts effeckt is then as follows: 100% black = no light 100% setting = all lights Clearance between black and setting (eg gray ) causes it glows slightly. If you have the picture finished their stores and this pushes the button 2.2. the view to update. it’s up to you how you play with the colors. still a tiny hint at the edge. The Alpha channel is very sensitive. Only speak a little bit of black in the direction of gray and it lights up too much or too bright So now we store the finished DDS under the same name ( lk-paint.dds from) in DX5 format. This we then slide by holding down the left mouse button again in the leucht_kasten.scs Archives and confirm the overwrite OK. Now comes the exciting instant where you can go into the game and you can admire your work. I hope this little guide gives one or the other a little more insight into the skinning.

  8. sorry i forget mention that you need DXTBmp program too.. (its free)

  9. if someone get better instructions..well go on..help this guy!
    but Smart-### mates do not bother comment..

  10. Bart van Ham

    If you know a little Dutch or are smart enough to do ### with the pictures alone here is a tutorial with images;


  11. Bart van Ham

    Sorry for the unfortunate typo, I meant to say “it” ofcourse 😉

  12. how do i put it on my ETS 2 mod its dificult for me to many files and there are not SCS file please help

  13. Scaniadriver

    würde sich einer finden der den leuchtkasten auf 1.7.0 lauffähig macht?mir schreibt die log fehler zwecks kabinenhöhe – der funzt net auf aktueller version.würde mich sehr freuen bzw andere kollegen sicher auch 🙂 danke im vorraus

    would find one that makes the luminary run on my 1.7.0 writes the error log cabin for the purpose of height – it doesnt work on current version.i will be very happy if one change this mod other colleagues probably also 🙂 thanks in advance

  14. NOT TESTED ON VOLVO 2013! volvo 2009 is ok!

  15. this works on game version 1.7.1 atleast on Scania..


    file doesnt exis -_-

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