LIAZ 110/300 TRUCK + TRAILERS 1.48.5

A fairly rare tractor truck from the Czech company LIAZ. A great truck from the 90s with a carefully crafted model. Beautiful interior and exterior.

Fashion Features:

Buying at Iveco car dealerships
One cabin
Three chassis 4×2, 4×4, 6×4 Tandem
Your own interior
Its engines
Their checkpoints
Own animation
Own wheels and tires
Painting support
Your tuning


In version 1.2:
Adaptation to patch 1.48.5;
Newly registered GPS;
Fixed MAT files;|
Fixed the light;
Fixed truck textures;
Fixed critical bugs.



3 thoughts on “LIAZ 110/300 TRUCK + TRAILERS 1.48.5

  1. Rui Pinto

    Finally! I love this truck. Thanks for this. Could you do the 400 also?

    1. Tomáš Botík

      this mod is stolen, because original is private

  2. does the truck have engine mod

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