Liaz 300s camion and BDF 1.36

Liaz 300 BDF 1.36 by Lee ,

John lee and more


10 thoughts on “Liaz 300s camion and BDF 1.36

  1. Aucun des sons ne fonctionnent. Pas compatible avec Fmod. Dommage.

    None of the sounds work. Not compatible with Fmod. Pity.

  2. Good day. Many thanks for this mod truck Liaz. It is a truck from Czechoslovakia where I live and I like for every mod truck made in Czechoslovakia which is in ETS2. It’s a pity that in addition to the VIP mod, there is also a LIAZ older type from 1977-1988 in the game ?!

    1. mysliš ten model ktory ukradol honzovi a vydal za svoj na podvozku kamazu a prehlasil za jeho mod za 40€ ? 😀

  3. I still greet you, Mr. John LEE. Only now have I tried your Truck Liaz mod. For me, it’s an amazing and unreal mod that takes me back to my childhood when these Trucks drove with us. The white period roof spoiler and the very period inscription ČSAD, so it pleased me the most? !!! It’s a pity that it’s not the older type of Liaz truck and more period accessories, such as removing the lower front spoiler and other rear fenders, but it doesn’t matter ?! Even so, thank you very much again- And this is a great gift for me for Christmas and now I can have Christmas. Thanks a lot of health and happiness!

  4. j.j.p.e degenkamp

    i hef no sounds in this truck how?

    1. Paulicek1

      Because this is an old version again.
      Version 1.36.
      Actual version the game is 1.39 + new sounds.
      So old mods will not properly works…

  5. vanhouten_cz

    Ohhhhh yeeeehh – LeeAz is back 😀

  6. Why do people reupload a mod for version 1.36 when 1.39 is the regular one. No sound, no window animation…

    1. Paulicek1

      Because they don’t have newer version of this rubbish mod.
      Newer version is on version 1.39 and is VIP…

  7. Laurentiu Tudor

    Nice mod but no sound…please fix the sound…otherwise has a good look. Can’t wait for an update.

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