Liebherr Excavator Trailer


Converted mod. Tested on 1.3.1
Author: ArifDesign


8 thoughts on “Liebherr Excavator Trailer

  1. converted mod. what is converted? What do I loose whem installing this mod? Please tell me for it looks quite nice on picture. Though some youtube movie would be nice too, esp. dric=ving through narrow curves or toll.

    1. Agust Ingi

      it probably replaces Hitachi Excavator. For a better excavator. If you look closely you can see that the cab isn’t LIEBHERR :/ 🙂

  2. nice fake colors

  3. It’s works, nice

  4. indonesian truckers

    Regards to the truckers in ets2

    I want someone to make a mod or patch that allows for:
    1. each truck can park on the roadside or break when a long way to reach a place of rest or free parking and then by pressing the button on the keyboard to rest
    2. provide a place to put the trailer in a different place on each company (the random)
    3. trailer driven by a computer can put the trailer as well so we can all be lining up to put the trailer due to crowded places because there are other drivers who are putting the trailer park though it was done by a computer
    4. other vehicles both small cars and trailers are run by computer can honk the horn to us as the driver of the trailer
    5. for ports and other customized with full freight, trailer means that others can come in and passing for another trailer to the port and can cross well so not just one terminal at the port works
    6. for damage to the car we were riding should be given real effect of such broken glass cracked then the tire as exhausted by the trip very much.
    7. I agree if ets2 running as I mentioned above that we need to pay to play this game but to buy it please easy as paying with a visa or transfer it is not very complicated.

    so input from me, not acceptable is not a problem, I love ets2 may grow so many people who play this game. thank you.


    1. it’s not likely to be done due to engine limitation. So you should mail this to the developer.
      also the game itself needs to be purchased to be played,so your 7th point is nonsence

  5. Hi !
    Where can I find it please ? 🙂

  6. Speedy66666

    LOL the trailer skin is my work…and author from this trailer is daltontune….this is mod steal…and the truck is too not from you….türkish man….pffffff…#######…love greatings Author from this mod Speedy66666

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