Light pack by Balbo for all trucks




8 thoughts on “Light pack by Balbo for all trucks

  1. does work on Volvo FH2013 btsndalone by ohaha??

    1. Faelandaea

      They are accessories, so they work by node, not truck. Basically lights are assigned to parts of the truck common in the game. r_grill for roof grill, f_grill for the guard, etc. So pretty much these will work on any truck as long as they have these common items.

      I believe Ohaha’s Volvo does indeed have all of the goods to hold these lights, as his modifications are to the truck body.

  2. Is this the newer version?
    Older one has warnings in console of old models.

  3. Dont really get the point in these lamps. they dont give any better light in the dark than the original headlamps on the trucks :/

    1. Ultrabald

      They do but you have to activate them by hitting the F4 key right after going out of the shop (and you have to re-activate them each time you go to the parts shop even if you don’t buy any lights).

  4. I have ETS version 1.22.2, but i don’t see lights in the shop.
    I have a Volvo F16 6X2/4 midlift with the light and bullbar ,were the shop said that i can place lights . But…no lights are in shop.

    1. julianhaven13

      then you don´t have the right mod order in your mod manager. i had that problem too. just edit the mod order in mod manager (don´t ask me which mod order because i don´t know that right now) hope it will work when you did it. happy driving

  5. Love this mod, but cannot use anymore!

    Just wondering if this mod will ever be updated to use with v1.22+ or will I have to find another mod??

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