Lightbox Daf XF 105 SCS and 50Keda


YouTube preview

New slot horn
New bar
lobar chrome and peint
New 3 light



5 thoughts on “Lightbox Daf XF 105 SCS and 50Keda

  1. Thanks Matdom, I was waiting for the logo daf (bright)
    you can have the single LED with three colors, green white red
    I saw your picture with the LED, red white blue
    thank you
    I am very close to you for the French tragedy of Paris?

    1. matdom1988

      Thank you zoso, yes it is a very hard moment for France.
      I’ll make a special pack light later.

  2. Asphroxia

    Would be really cool if u can make something like this for the euro 6 too

  3. matdom1988

    Yes, later I finished my new project and I do that after.

    1. Asphroxia

      Awesome job man =)

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