Lightbox Daf XF 105 SCS

YouTube preview

Tested 1.27.xx
3 new light
2 lightbox (chrome or paint)
3 logo Daf



10 thoughts on “Lightbox Daf XF 105 SCS

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. Welcome back Matdom1988
    Thanks to these updates.
    I had seen the lightbox tests for the new Scania
    you abandoned this work or in the future will come?

  3. Asphroxia

    Hopefully a E6 version soon too ^^?

  4. scania_dragon

    I can remember that you said you would create new trailers for mods studio. Now I see these things from you. What’s now with the new trailers ?

  5. I’d like to edit the Lightbox.
    Can you at least take the password off the lightbox .DDS-File??
    Thank you

    1. in mod DAF XF 50k – Krall internationale transport
      Also you can find the skins for lightbox
      you can use that as a model
      people who do not respect the modders will not understand
      and these are the results: blocked or mod, or modders that do not create more mod

  6. Damyen085

    you can do well for Daf euro 6?

  7. sorry,but need password!

  8. Make lightbox for DAF Euro6. THX!

  9. I do not understand the arrogant people who do not respect never MDModding and other modders.
    But remember to make demands of mods, and ask for passwords and have the courage to complain.
    Now hold on to tram is drawn.?
    They have called a policeman and insult me
    because I point to add the credits of the original authors
    and what better not to have any mod or write the name of the authors❓
    what do you think❓

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