Lightboxes Pack 1

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This is a lighbox addon for RJL. include 14 different lightboxes:

– Flugel
– Bacardi
– Back to the old skool
– Grolsch
– Heineken
– GunsNRoses
– Hoogvliegers
– Jack Daniels
– Les Routiers
– Nude bus club
– Polar express
– Sties
– Troll

I am working hard on the second pack. That pack will also include a lot of nice lightboxes. Have fun with it!

Please not reupload, keep originel link!

Santes, H. Teunissen


6 Responses to Lightboxes Pack 1

  1. Master of Desastar says:

    Nice Pack waiting for the second pack.

  2. VARPUNEN says:


  3. Alexis says:

    Please make it available for atleast Volvo VNL from Aradeth or other trucks too.

  4. Patryk says:

    In pack also is a very nice front curtain

  5. Corné says:

    Nice pack but maybe you van make it for all trucks in ets2,thnxs!!

  6. Yasteni says:

    Hey ! I found a way to have it in multiplayer, are you agree for reupload a version special for mp ?

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