Lights for SCS Trucks


So, this is my first mod made in “Blender”. I took a break of making mods, because I stayed days and nights to learn Blender steps, and here it is my first public work on it.
mod contains: This mod adds extra lights to standard SCS trucks.
Do not reupload and respect my work 🙂
Tested on 1.22.x
If you see some bugs, or something else, just write a comment.
Have fun!

KiLLer Modding


8 Responses to Lights for SCS Trucks

  1. Moore says:

    hmm and the peterbilt 579 from ATS? 😉 😀

  2. telordadar says:

    please make like that for daf xf 105 50k 🙂

  3. luis says:

    good job, Killer Modding

  4. TEDDY Bär 1-4 says:

    Hello Killer Modding

    This Mod is very good, but you must fixed the Ligths.

    The Ligths have not to right Positions. Zoom in and see it.

    Please Fixed this mod. Thanks

  5. owx says:

    There is a light bug with the MP4 Actros

  6. cricri73 says:

    Hello everyone !

    This mod was very good and I used to date but with the new version of the game 1.24 it prevents the detection of the Fifth wheel coupling , preventing the blow it locks.

    it bothers me a lot, although I liked this mod.

    Good road.

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