Line Crossing Warning Sound by mc2rok

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With this mod you hear a realistic warning sound when crossing the lines like in this video.
You have to overwrite it in your favorite sound mod.



12 thoughts on “Line Crossing Warning Sound by mc2rok

  1. are you drunk?

  2. Its to show the sound effect

  3. Nathan9186 YT

    Ok, you showed in the grass but it is rather when you pass a line that you want to know if it works, because personally I don’t drive in the grass either …

    1. Youre right i could change the line Sound too. I only changed the normal alert

    2. i did a second version.
      alert now comes when crossing a line.
      but i dont know how to do it without that sound gets pitched.
      heres preview

      1. Abdelmouin123

        How to copy and overwrite it to sound pack.

        1. you need a sound fixes pack and the program 7zip.
          then search for file in this mod its logically located.
          copy it into it and overwrite.

  4. Pues como si no me hubiera descargado nada. gracias por el curro pero como se instala

    1. 7zip program u need. then in a sound fixes pack

  5. please sir can u make the first version sound, but activated it by the lines instead of grass? i dont really like the sound of second version 🙁

    1. Second Version gets already activated by lines but gets automatically pitched with the speed the truck goes. I dont know how to make it pitchles.

      1. Uhmm its ok… Nice mod anyway, im still gonna use this.. thanks for making me this mod ^^

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