Livestock (color) for multiplayer

Livestock (cow) trailer for Multiplayer & Singleplayer
Incloding 12 colors:
1.Black 2.Dark Blue 3.Dark Green 4.Gray 5.Light Blue 6.Light Green 7.Orange 8.Pink 9.Red 10.Violet 11.White 12.Yellow
you can use on Single Player & Multiplayer
tested 1.28

2.20 Rules from Trucker MP
You can use this mod on multiplayer
Because Only change paintjob
Thanks for using

M.HaDi & SCS


3 thoughts on “Livestock (color) for multiplayer

  1. oneboy0519

    none of them work
    because the transports between no one neither

    1. mod is health

      livestock trailers is located in the “ARIA” companies
      and the live stock trailer is Scarce


  2. MetalGhostxD

    It is better to edit the save_game of your profile, the trailers only appear in Aria, that in my game those trailers never appear, it is a good mod, but you have to add more game companies, most of the people use it in the MP and wants to find it easy to use in the Multiplayer, Regards

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