L&J Price Skin for Volvo FH Classic by Peerke


L&J Price skin for Volvo FH Classic by Peerke. As requested by “obee98”.
Thanks to Peerke145 for the original truck and to jeyjey-16 for the update.

Author: speedy143


12 Responses to L&J Price Skin for Volvo FH Classic by Peerke

  1. zoso says:

    Ciao speedy 143’re very generous??
    I wanted to ask what kind of font you used to L & J Price
    (Font name)
    thank you

    • speedy143 says:

      Its Futura Extra Bold Oblique with a bit more slant added in Illustrator.

      • zoso says:

        thanks a lot Speedy 143???
        you were fast???
        I know your works I want to compliment you
        thanks again my friend

  2. kiLLer Modding says:

    can you give me the template please đŸ™‚ ?

  3. obee98 says:

    Many thanks to mod creator for this skin very happy that he made this skin so happy thanks

  4. flattothemat says:

    Keep these skins coming please?

    Lovely work

  5. Paul says:

    Hi mate nice work as ever
    Are you on facebook??

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