Loads of Heavy Cargo for Container Trailers

Attention: To be able to buy the trailer you must have the dlc of Heavy Cargo Pack.

SCS Software, EmaGamerYT


14 thoughts on “Loads of Heavy Cargo for Container Trailers

  1. Standalone?

  2. Not realistic ….Silly idea

    1. Well, then if you have a better idea, tell me and I’ll try to replicate it.

  3. vanhouten_cz

    really pesticides? :-O

    1. Yes, I did not know how to change the name of the cargoes.

  4. it won’t work for me 🙁 can anyone help me? i have all dlc’s needed

  5. FlappyWappy

    i cant find any heavy stuff like train nor crane..

    so any tips ? im teleporting too every city in baltic,

    with my HCT flatbed..

    1. Maybe you should advance the time with the camera 0 or wait until the days.

  6. Work and allowed on mp?

    1. They are enabled in the multiplayer, likewise I will make a better formed mod for online.

  7. Is this working as cargo for owned trailers too?

  8. Which version of the game is compatible and do I have to buy a particular trailer?

  9. bro que hay que hacer para que vuelvas a hacer mods buenisimos para el mp¿? =_(

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