Logistics for RusMap


Mod replaces most standard cargo. Names of cargo correspond to cargo of the standard ETS2, further added loads of dlc Scandinavia. If desired, they can be removed by deleting the file from a folder cargo.dlc_north.sii def.
The mod can be used in conjunction with other packages of goods.
In connection with the peculiarities of the latest version of the map RusMap, to create a complete logistics exclusively within the maps – it is not possible.

Mod tested on the version of the game 1.22



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  1. Ipgaxx says:

    Hi vad&k, can you Please tell me what Volvo truck mod you used on that screenshot? It’s not ohaha, cause that mod does not give you blinker above front light and it’s not the Pendragon version. Please tell me.

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