Logo SUPER Multicolor

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50Keda creator of the super logo. Zeeuwse trucker creator of the mod multicolor. HorseeHorse Modding the updater

Mod works on all Scania RJL and basic Scania Truck
Works only on 1.36.x version

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HorseeHorseModding/

HorseeHorse Modding, Zeeuwse & 50keda


5 thoughts on “Logo SUPER Multicolor

  1. Philippe Van den Stockt

    Dos not work mate!!!!

    1. HorseeHorse Modding

      It’s a Grid accessory slot. It works perfectly with several friends

      Trucks tested: All RJl, Scania R & S next gen by SCS.

  2. The old version works perfectly.

  3. Philippe Van den Stockt

    And the 2009 SCS Scania’s???

  4. old or new they both works, except this one are missing the icons in the truckshop, no big deal

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