Logs Trailer

Logs Trailer

Trailer is standalone and is registered in the traffic

The envelope in ETS2: Matdom1988
Tested on 1.19

Authors: SCS, Syncron3DCreations, Matdom1988


8 Responses to Logs Trailer

  1. RetroSpectre says:

    Please make a longer version of this trailer 🙁

    • B4RT says:

      guys really do not respect, and then complain, why some mods are paid, it’s things like that, or stop modders to share their mods, or start doing just paid mods.

    • banow says:

      Dont click the video, it’s not a video of the trailer!!!!

  2. Piratxxx11 says:

    More mistakes…..

  3. zoso says:

    Thanks to the authors SCS, Syncron3DCreations, Matdom1988

    many modders have disappeared, but people cares
    tanti modders sono spariti ,ma la gente se ne frega
    questo vale anche per gli amici italiani che usano nikname stranieri

  4. Fred_be says:

    I asked to change the link. This is the right now

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