Long Krone


Krone Long for ETS 2.
Have FUN!

ETS 2:DnO GTS:mm9070


15 Responses to Long Krone

  1. jop says:

    thats pretty long dude 😉

  2. texasman says:

    Standalone ?

  3. ZoCi says:

    Pls edit the hanging point. my truck cabin is falling side…

  4. ScaniaNick says:

    Well its nice, but the lights are not working. Braking works reversing works and blinkers work but the normal lights don’t. And maybe some lights on the side? 🙂 But nice work!

    • Chrome says:

      Thank you:)
      As the time will fix the problem with the headlights
      P.S Sorry for my english, I’m too lazy to write correctly

  5. dymer says:

    that after mod on illumination ?

  6. dymer says:

    Very beautiful illumination on screenshot.What mod does use?

  7. Martinski says:

    Can’t unzip it with WINRAR..

  8. arief says:

    awesome… like a real

  9. Lynchpin says:

    What high pipes are you using? They look sick as tits

  10. WobblyCaptain says:

    Nice trailer look good if you could place some marker lights on the side.
    And as mentioned before the tail lights don’t seem to work on the trailer.
    Here is a video of me having a quick look at the trailer at one point I rolled it over accidently https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04UH20Q_G58

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