Long train for standart map 1.20


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Mod increases carriages on all trains at level crossings! Also, increased refueling time AI traffic and changed the operating mode of urban traffic lights! Hours Traffic in standby mode is changed! Standby mode is now switched on from 22:00 until 6:00.
Just for the default map!
Test version of the game: 1.20



5 Responses to Long train for standart map 1.20

  1. RetroSpectre says:

    Hey curious, Is this compatible with the “Early and Late Autumn Weather Mod v 4.0 and the Ai headlight mod because it says it effects lights.

  2. losevo58 says:

    Самый дебильный мод в ETS2!, как и его автор!!

  3. Karina says:


  4. Estradda says:

    can you update the Antiradar mod also please?

  5. Adrian Ganriel says:

    Good mod. Works perfectly !

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