Long Train for Standart Map 1.22


Update for 1.22

Mod increases carriages on all trains at level crossings! Also, increased refueling time AI traffic and changed the operating mode of urban traffic lights! Hours Traffic in standby mode is changed! Standby mode is now switched on from 22:00 until 6:00.
Just for the default map!

Test version of the game: 1.22

Author: Schumi


9 thoughts on “Long Train for Standart Map 1.22

  1. Pena que não funciona na v.1.20.1…..

    1. Test version of the game: 1.22

      Ну тупые…

  2. Probably it works only in 1.22.

    In didn’t works also, the rails and the train disappear, what can be seen are just barriers and signaling lamps.

    1. Test version of the game: 1.22

      1. I saw @goba, that was tested in 1.22, but usually, what works in higher version, should working and in the previous versions…

  3. RetroSpectre

    It doesn’t seem to work on 1.22. I would put it on higher priority but I don’t want the traffic files to be implemented, Schumi, do you think you could re release this with JUST the train?

  4. Works on 1.22 base maps. Has a repeating loop issue in RusMap where you’ll get stuck at a rail crossing indefinitely.

  5. EvgenKo423

    Need update for 1.23, some materials missing!

  6. 1.30.### ok ? or No ?

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