Long train for standart map v1.16


1. Mod increases carriages on all trains.
2. Reduce the speed of the train at the crossing. For utility of 6 to 10 km / h for passenger 20 km / h
3. Added train new trailers – cargo
4. Zoom in on the hour while the traffic light in the standby mode
5. Increased the refueling AI

Test version: 1.16.x

Schumi, Morozov


9 thoughts on “Long train for standart map v1.16

  1. thx for updating this “standarD” train

  2. guys! who wants to play with this mod post a new link.
    the one who posted this mod here do not break copyright. the topic clearly says that you are distributing to preserve the author’s link. I am asking the administration to change the link on my

  3. work with tsm map?

    1. нет только стандартная

      1. not only standard

  4. why deleted my post with the link to the mod???
    administrators explain

  5. “Increased the refueling AI” – what exactly does that mean? Anyone care to elaborate?

  6. this means that traffic costs at the pump. and not just passing through it

  7. Ramzes_IV

    fix errors, please change the link

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