Long train for standart map v1.16


1. Mod increases carriages on all trains.
2. Reduce the speed of the train at the crossing. For utility of 6 to 10 km / h for passenger 20 km / h
3. Added train new trailers – cargo
4. Zoom in on the hour while the traffic light in the standby mode
5. Increased the refueling AI

Test version: 1.16.x

Schumi, Morozov


9 Responses to Long train for standart map v1.16

  1. Theosz says:

    thx for updating this “standarD” train

  2. Schumi says:

    guys! who wants to play with this mod post a new link.
    the one who posted this mod here do not break copyright. the topic clearly says that you are distributing to preserve the author’s link. I am asking the administration to change the link on my

  3. sory87 says:

    work with tsm map?

  4. Schumi says:

    why deleted my post with the link to the mod???
    administrators explain

  5. Sky says:

    “Increased the refueling AI” – what exactly does that mean? Anyone care to elaborate?

  6. Schumi says:

    this means that traffic costs at the pump. and not just passing through it

  7. Ramzes_IV says:

    fix errors, please change the link

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