Long Train + Turn on the gas station (FINAL)


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Long Train for standart Map

– Mod increases the cars on all trains
– Reduced speed trains on the move. For freight from 6 to 10 km/h For passenger 20 km/h
– Added train with new trailers – cargo
– Increased by the hour while working traffic light in standby mode
– Increased time of filling the AI

– Fixed bugs
– Version 1.16




7 Responses to Long Train + Turn on the gas station (FINAL)

  1. EJTruckingINC says:

    Unless that truck that got gas was on fumes..i feel you need to shorten up the fill up time. other than that its a nice realism mod…cheers!

  2. eirik says:

    Does this work with ProMods?

  3. szetland2014 says:

    cool but too long.
    view Poznan tree-et.

    fajne ale za długie.
    zobacz Poznan tree-et.

    train nie powinno byc ; [13/01/2015 05:55] (sec+0006-0003);24893.2;66.3939;-9908.28
    train to samo miejsce ; [13/01/2015 05:59] (sec+0006-0003);24300;85.7616;-9984.58
    Poznań tree-et
    tree-et Olsztyn ; [13/01/2015 12:20] (sec+0008-0005);33331.3;372.278;-17446
    blad mapy tree-et Poznan ; [13/01/2015 13:34] (sec+0006-0003);24859.6;202.619;-9826.76

  4. op says:

    Great mod, Thumbs up for this! I’ve been waiting for it long time. Thank you so much!

  5. Jonathan says:

    Doesn’t work with MHAPro EU 1.7

  6. ProfessorOak says:

    does it work for 1.15.1 plz tell me if it does or it should ?

  7. Hauser says:

    Good mod. Add more realism and it works well in 1.16.2s

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