Lotus Cars Trailer


Standalone Trailer Lotus Cars
Krone 4 axes

Mass : 20t
fragility : 0.8
price coef 8.550

Sly / Scs


5 thoughts on “Lotus Cars Trailer

  1. Trailer credits: ROADHUNTER ?!?

    1. Old! Index wheels aren´t for 1.2.1! Can anyone fix this for the krone4axle???

  2. всё в старом формате

    cargo_data: cargo.krone4

    { name: “Lotus Cars”
    vehicles[]: trailer.krone4axe

    mass[]: 20000.0

    fragility: 0.8

    price_coef: 8.550


  3. Esta vida loca

    Of course!

    Not named main author is Roadhunter, no author – not legal. Thiefing!

    1. I got this mod and just changed the skins and config. When I downloaded it there was not Author otherwise I would have put it. I respect the work of everyone so if I did not put it there was none. Sorry for Roadhunter.

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