Louder Interior Sound for Scania R


– Differentially LOUDER ENGINE SOUND in each rev range
– Differentially LOUDER EXHAUST SOUND in each rev range
– Modified sound of the gear changes
– Quieter sound of the blinker
– Quieter sound of the Reverse gear
– Quieter sound of the windscreen wiper
– Quieter sound of money changes event
– Quieter sound of mail message event
– Quieter sound of error message event

Author: Scanreg


5 thoughts on “Louder Interior Sound for Scania R

  1. indonesian truckers

    This sound for scania only or for all trucks? please make louder about 15db for all trucks..

    1. Yes, this mod only affect Scania truck, as the name of the mod suggest.

      I don’t plan make it for other trucks, because I work on other mods, and do not have enough free time, and I’m a Scania fan.


    2. Louder Interior Sound for Scania R–>what do you think???

  2. can you re make this mod and keep the blinkers at the same volume

    1. I don’t understand your request…

      If I keep the blinkers at the same volume as the original level in the game, you hear about nothing from the sound of blinkers next to the louder engine and the louder exhaust sounds.

      If you think, that the same volume the level is the level of the louder engine sound… I think that’s not a good idea to lift up the level of blinkers to the level of the engine. I play the game on my laptop with headphones, and in this situation every blinkers break out my eardrums… 🙂


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