Low and medium sized Interior for all Trucks


Low and medium sized interior for all trucks. Version 2.4.
For lovers of realism
Tested on 1.3.1 version

Authors: szeryff123, Eggtooth


17 thoughts on “Low and medium sized Interior for all Trucks

  1. Bonjour à tous,
    A quoi sert ce mod, est-ce que je pourrais des explications, s’il vous plaît, merci

    1. Bonjour
      Il s agit de nouveaux interieurs qui correspondent aux trois hauteurs differentes des cabines.
      J espere avoir repondu a votre question

  2. Polishpel

    If here are only so olds mods? 😀

  3. Does this include right hand drive cabins?

    1. Joe Alker

      Yes. This guy should be made a saint!

  4. Salut rene6442
    tu as repondu à ma question mais en voici une nouvelle, est-ce que les nouveaux intérieurs rajoute quelques choses?

    1. Salut Titi
      Oui et non
      Dans le jeu d origine l interieur (model “haut”) est le meme pour les 3 cabines.
      Ce qui n est pas réaliste…
      La seule chose que ca ajoute c est un plafond plus bas et correct par rapport a la hauteur de cabine selectione.

      1. merci beaucoup de ton aide rene6442 je vais le télécharger ce mod

  5. Pretty good mod, there’s just a few bugs. The low-roof Volvo cabin in left-hand-drive has some messed-up .mat files so you get the bronze stripe from the Exclusive interior on both, and the normals are rather mangled too. The rest of the Volvo stuff is spot on however, haven’t yet tested the other trucks though.

  6. This is perfect mod. Unfortunately we need update for 1.4.3 version of ETS. There are bugs in interiors 🙁

  7. Good mod… there are some bugs on MAN cabin for me, steering wheel and whipers with strange textures.
    Think this was a must do thing for scs to consider since its a truck driving sim.

    1. Joe Alker

      You mean red on those parts? This also happens with volvo interior lights and is due to a missing texture. The texture shown reads “Shader not found” in black lettering on a ###### bright red background.

  8. not compatible with 1.4.8, some textures missing and the new animation on the dashboards don’t work….really hoping for an update soon, on of the best mods out there in my opinion!

    1. I agree, I really hope for an update on 1.4.x!

  9. This is my FAVOROUTE mod! hope update is released soon!

  10. Updates!??!!??!!??!???

  11. bad quality at display

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