Low Chassis for Scania Trucks V1.4


Updates 1.4
Redone lowered chassis to bring them even lower!
Lowerd mid/tag Lifts
Air ride on all chassis
Added 16 exhaust spots on all chassis

Test on v1.25 and v1.24.



5 thoughts on “Low Chassis for Scania Trucks V1.4

  1. RJL 2.0 and RJL Series 4?

  2. Create for Mp4 Mercedes! 🙂

  3. Is crashing!

  4. Coscarualexandru

    Crash on v1.25 when open scania dealer

  5. Bennekeben

    it looks so much like my old lowrider mod, it even has the same sentance in the mod description… i made this mod on ets2 1.16
    Search for Bennekeben’s Lowrider mod 1.3.1a wich is the latest update ive done , a while ago

    + it has a reworked truck.dds wich i notice from this screenshot used., plz dont thrust this reuploader..thx , Bennekeben

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