Low deck chassis addons for Schumi’s trucks by Sogard3 v 1.5 for 1.31

Adds the raised spoilers.
Cables working!
5 Optionals number plates.
Added New Actros.
The plastic bumpers for New Actros are not finished, will be in next versions!

You still need the original mods, my mods only contain necessary pmd, pmg and def files to add them to the original mods by Schumi:

Put my mod above them.
If something its not working contact me but they were tested in a clean profile 1.31.
Thanks again to Schumi for let me edit his mods.

Schumi, Sogard3


9 thoughts on “Low deck chassis addons for Schumi’s trucks by Sogard3 v 1.5 for 1.31

  1. Funktioniert der auch auf der 1.30 ?

    1. No.

  2. Why is everyone doing Low Deck? I do not understand this. Directly some kind of mania make a ground clearance of 1 nanometer and enjoy it like children. Why will no one make a High Deck? The same truck, rather than Formula 1 !!!

    1. “mania” they are around all Europe, I dont know from where you are but there are very common. There is no need to disrespect my work if you dont like Low Decks. I dont like nordic(Its not my style) but I respect the work from them!
      Im just trying to bring some realism to this simulator/game 😉

      1. You misunderstood me. I do not make any claims to you and respect your work. I just noticed that all obsessed with low chassis. Over the past three years, only one person has made a high chassis for all trucks.
        In general, some strange tendency can be traced … pink skins with anime, bear cubs in the cockpit, ultra low-profile tires, lack of clearance … And this becomes the norm of life ..
        Once again I repeat – to you I have no complaints – just “boiled.”

        1. There’s no tendency, this are real chassis setups found in real life. 90% of European companies that drive internationally have low deck trucks.

          Like he said, if you find this ######, write an email to alk truck manufacturers and tell them they should stop producing low deck trucks because you don’t like them.

          And what the hell is a high deck truck?

    2. I’ve seen ignorant comments but your’s is right at the top. Just because you don’t understand or like something, doesn’t mean everyone shares your thoughts.

      If you don’t want to use it, then DON’T USE IT!

      1. Now he can go to Scania, DAF, Renault, Iveco, Mercedes, etc dealers to told them that Low Decks are to low and to stop production lol. People like him asking why mods are private or paid sure…

  3. Razvan Iulian

    Hello ! Please HELP ME !
    I do not know how to bag the document.
    I go into the archive and look “def” and “vehicle”.
    What to add in Document>ETS2>Mod…
    Please help me , i like your truck.
    Thanks !
    Good day.

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