Low deck improved chassis for RJL’s Scania R&S by Sogard3 [v1.0][1.31][23-06-18]

Thanks to RJL for let me edit his mod!
My mod only contains necessary files to replace only the low deck chassis, you still need his mod:

Also thanks to FreD_ for bumpers!

What’s new:

– Rear wheels at same level with front ones(Now you can only use the rounded fender cover).
– Now you can put the big fueltanks like in real life.
– Added license plates.
– Added side lights.
– Added deflectors with cut for side mirror(EU & UK).
– Added red, blue and purple deflectors with cut.
– Added window stickers R410-R730 Series.
– Added raised spoilers for Highline and Topline cabs.
– Bumpers by FreD_.

RJL, FreD_, Sogard3


2 thoughts on “Low deck improved chassis for RJL’s Scania R&S by Sogard3 [v1.0][1.31][23-06-18]

  1. DAF Trucker GER

    Nice, thank you! 🙂

    1. Razvan Iulian

      Hello ! Please HELP ME !
      I do not know how to bag the document.
      I go into the archive and look “def” and “vehicle”.
      What to add in Document>ETS2>Mod…
      Please help me , i like your truck.
      Thanks !
      Good day.

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