Low Loader Trailer

Christmas Gift in Facebook Group from Alter Schwede 🙂
He order me to share it with the ets2.lt community

1.33 Ready

Alter Schwede


12 thoughts on “Low Loader Trailer

  1. MovingTarget

    server not found

    1. Highwaybastard

      worked fine for me

    2. Download via sharemods works perfect. No Problems, I´ve downloading the Trailer. 😉

      1. MovingTarget

        Works now. *Shrugs out of mild confusion*

  2. Kevin Naldony

    Absolute Scheisse – verunstaltet bis zum geht nicht mehr!

    1. Highwaybastard

      musst ihn ja nicht hinter dir herziehen………

  3. Highwaybastard

    aber danke für das absolut KONSTRUKTIVE feedback

  4. adib uyub

    is this mod work on MP??

    1. Paulicek1

      How this mod can work on MP? -_-
      99% mods are for SinglePlayer.

    2. Deputydawg

      The only way mods like this would work is if truckersmp allows them to work otherwise as stated previously they’re only for single player.

  5. Gestohlen, geknackt und umgebaut. Typisch…

    1. Highwaybastard

      und von wem soll das geklaut sein?

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