Lowered Torque For 730 HP Engine


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Tested on This mod decreased the torque of engine, now you can feel the weight of the trailer. [the indicator of RPM gauge is moving slower, as the same as in real life] (in the video you will see the difference between 620 hp – engine not edited yet – and 730 hp with lowered torque). I plan to do this with all engine of all default trucks in game.
This mod is just for 730 HP Scania Streamline for the moment!
Have fun đŸ™‚
manifest.sii included

KiLLer Modding


4 Responses to Lowered Torque For 730 HP Engine

  1. SeriousSam says:

    stupid rubbish nobody needs dude. If you want to have lower torque just keep it for you. Even if you noticed maybe RJL offers engines 230hp which indeed should have quite low torque

    • kiLLer Modding says:

      Don’t be salty you faggot, if you don’t like it DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!

      • dar4eto says:

        yo, stop being a #######.. In this game trucks feel really overpowered..

  2. RacingFede says:

    It would be enough to bring back trucks to 1.21 standard. It was realistic.
    I don’t understand why SCS decide to overpower trucks with 1.22 update.

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