Lowrider Truck v2.1


New Lowrider Truck v2.1

updated for patch
safety with trailer or without trailer

change log :
– updated for patch
– New setting for Volvo FH16 and Volvo FH16 2012
– Including new setting for Scania Streamline

on progress : adding new setting for other truck



18 Responses to Lowrider Truck v2.1

  1. HAKAN says:

    Mercedes benz Axor?

  2. alessandro says:

    hello using the new volvo fh 16 750 hooking up a trailer truck moves everything to me and the mod’to be rewied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LYCANALPPHA says:

    Um dont download it slows ur Truck down

  4. Cele says:

    Not work with PHYSICS mod.. ๐Ÿ™

    • Ariouw says:

      of course will be crashed,cause this file using physic file

  5. tunak says:

    Get ready for 60% damage in 5 minutes

    • Ariouw says:

      No if you control the speed,normal speed will never take any damage,trust me

      why you not try it??,

      like i say,safety with trailer or without trailer

  6. trucker 77 says:

    Can you make a version without the “Ohaha” skin?

  7. mrlongshen says:

    This mod make my truck slow and bumping. huhu ๐Ÿ™
    can u make its dont capped the speed ?

  8. GCNK says:

    wahh mungkin trucker di sana,pada ngeblong abis ya gan…
    sampe damage 60%..hee

    ijin sedot gan..

    • mrlongshen says:

      Ya iya dong, Pabila jalan rendah semua nya damage, abes rosak loriku ๐Ÿ™

      • Ariouw says:

        Kambing,gw kira bule…!!!,ternyata indo jg

        yare yare…ntar gw cek lagi yg scania,kalo yg iveco hi way udah di jamin safety

  9. Baba says:

    sounds very good omg

  10. andrian says:

    om ni kok gx ngaruh si streamline ato ada setingan khusus?

  11. oiro says:

    volvo fh16 1500 8×8

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