LP Lastbilsvatt BussBygg

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This mod is based on a swedish washing Garage for trucks

Bamse, BKC, Bussbygg


11 thoughts on “LP Lastbilsvatt BussBygg

  1. PolishdriverTrucker

    bad skin…

    1. PolishDriverTruck

      My real nick is PolishDriverTruck. Case sensitive
      The person writing these ###### comments uses my avatar and the nickname PolishdriverTruck, PolishDrivertruck.
      Know you are from Germany, Augsburg

      1. PolishdriverTrucker

        im from Polska and is best country of the world…

  2. “bad” as in tvätt..you’re correct, nice skin, thanks ! 🙂

  3. PolishdriverTrucker

    go home to your mother and stop cry

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    He is not from Poland only from Germany

  5. Göran Nilsson

    Hur får man huden att fungera i ets2

  6. PolishDriverTruck

    Nice Skin
    HD Video Test 1.28…

  7. Hallo, where mods rjl tandem big MB, please give me link

  8. nice skin,hi Katalin this is the link:https://ets2.lt/en/bussbygg-chassis-addon-v-1-0/ ..enjoy !!!

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