Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v0.8 BETA


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this is Accessories Pack created by me for SCANIA R&S by RJL version

V 0.8:
+ Fix Front Fenders V8 Lux
+ Add Chrome plate for 5series
+ Add V8 Lux doorhandle
+ Add Griffin Exhaust for 5series Sideskirt

V 0.7:
+ Rework sideskirt Lux V8 5 series 8 (change exhaust position, now it’s more realistic)
+ Add sideskirt Lux V8 5 series without exhaust (add compatible original sidebars)
+ Add Stock & Streamline taillights with back chromed exhaust

V 0.6:
+ Rework and fix Grills (changeable Logo, badge engine & Intake frame)
+ Add Grill for 5 series with & without V8 logo
+ Add Sideskirt Lux V8 for 6 series
+ Add sideskirt Lux V8 for 5 series

V 0.5:
+ Rework Grill V8 (New grid from Volvo New FH16)
+ Add Grill without V8 logo
+ Add Chrome Bar for Stock & Streamline Taillights

V 0.4:
+ Add Grill whit V8 logo
+ Add Chrome doorsteps

+Logo V8 on side of cabin
+Chrome plate back to chassis

+ FIx Chrome Material
+ Add Chrome plate near steps

Please do not reuplod and respect my hard work, Thanks 😉

Have you fun!!! SN00KY89

Sn00ky89, GTMike, RJL, SCS


8 thoughts on “Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v0.8 BETA

  1. Thanks for fixing the Front fenders 😀

  2. Good!! could have a round tank of diesel ( chrome ), like a Brazilian Scania ( )

  3. It would be brilliant if you would make in the sheet steel location of gas caps.
    For my part, I like knowing by where to put the fuel oil.
    Otherwise for me it is almost completed. Thank you

    Sory for my bad english.

  4. SilvaTrucker

    Yess!! Thanks for the door handle!!

  5. Seria bom um tanque de combustível rodada (cromo ), like a brazilian scania.
    Thank1s for the great mod dude!

  6. It would be nice one fuel tank round ( chrome ), as the south American scanias

    1. RagnarModding

      u should write it again later so everybody is stressed . . . .

      1. Keep calm , go play ets2 ok ? We are all friends..

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