Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v0.9. BETA



this is Accessories Pack created by me for SCANIA R&S by RJL version

V 0.9.2:
+ Rework Front grill Lux 5° & 6°series (delete slots)
+ Rework Taillights (add more slots & fix flares)
+ Add Griffin rings fog light
+ Add chassis plate V8 & Griffin (with & without leds)

Credits: Sn00ky89, 50keda, GTMike, RJL, SCS

A Special Thanks to Afrosmiu for the help and support on the project ?

Please do not reuplod and respect my hard work, Thanks ?

Have you fun!!! SN00KY89

Sn00ky89, 50 Keda, GTMike, RJL, SCS


11 thoughts on “Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v0.9. BETA

  1. Good work man. Thanks for your work. Will be waiting for new parts !

  2. -Painted version of the Lux grilles

    -painted version of the deck plate

    -low bars for the Lux side panel (Painted and chrome all around, also for the back ends with/without exhaust)

    -eye lids for bad look on the headlights

    -Skinnable rear plate for the cabin’s back (between the spoilers etc.)

    -Version of the Lux bumper/fender parts without the chrome sides/plates on the steps

    A few suggestions I’d make.

  3. ???SN00KY89
    ciao ciaoz??

    1. Grazie zoso, ti posso contattare in privato per chiederti un’informazione?

      1. Si ,
        non ho social, solo email
        lasciami qui un tuo contatto e ti scrivo non parlo inglese

        1. [email protected] puoi contattarmi qui

  4. Hello…snooky.
    Can you make it work for version v1.21.
    For scania rjl 1.4?
    I really hope you can…then we can enjoy you’re incredable mods too.


    How to install or use this Lux pARTS PLS ?

    1. you must have mod: Scania_R_Streamline_modifications_v1.5.1.1_by_RJL
      then install Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v0.9. BETA
      go to the workshop: accessories in the menu on the left is the icon that says Lux?

      1. joart sanoy

        But bro i dont have workshop . my ets 2 is not in steam its non steam ets 2 how can i get into this ? i want this mod badly hehe and THnaks for the owner

  6. Complimenti, stai migliorando gli accessori giorno dopo giorno! Fantastico! Hai un post in cui metti tutti gli aggiornamenti giorno dopo giorno?

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