Luxurious Loading Bar v 2.0

Luxurious-Loading-Bar-v-2.0-2 Luxurious-Loading-Bar-v-2.0-1

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This mod changes the loading bar the game

Authors: Daniel K.(me), Alespeed16, Dori erv, Pedro Pirillo, Vinicius Braga, Fabiano Frantz


6 thoughts on “Luxurious Loading Bar v 2.0

  1. what sound mod do you use ?

  2. Какой мод на звук?

  3. I want Scania and Trailer Polska please

  4. My truck edited is priv, but search for Scania R2008 v3 by: 50k :). The sound is by: maxx2504, I do not have the link, I believe it has been removed :\

    1. I want the sun visor ‘Polska’

  5. thanks for reply

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