M.Husni EP3 3.5 (Scania Touring)

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praise be to Allah the Lord of hosts, who have given a lot of favors, favors the Islamic faith and so that I can release a mod after 2 years of not releasing a mod.
Praise is proud to announce that the mod scania touring program is free. but I hope you guys give me a donation. any donation you cleanup will not apresiasikan it and I am glad that there are people who appreciate my work. Hopefully with the existence of people donating yeng hopefully can give spirit to keep updating this mod in the future.
There are a few that I want to tell them about this mod. This mod is far from finished first. actually this mod is already almost finished, unfortunately my computer don’t want to misinterpret and made me not be able to continue this project. Second, unfinished College this semester made me also do not have much time. so it would be better if my release as soon as possible though not completely so.
so maybe you guys will definitely or the originator
terima kasih banyak.

Muhammad Husni




58 thoughts on “M.Husni EP3 3.5 (Scania Touring)

  1. Lilo is Good

    Reading the few first lines I thought you were going to decapitate some people

    1. TruckSimMods

      Video HD DR: youtu.be/lhPIq58Y5J8 version 1.31

    2. tu sais que tu en fais partie de ces gens qu’on va décapiter hhhhhhh

  2. This SCANIA looks so good, BUT here is not a place for Religions and Politics, please!

    1. Muhammad Husni

      i’m sorry about the description. i’m a modder of this mod.
      but it wasn’t me share this mod in this site.
      but, hope you like it and enjoy

      1. I am grateful to see there are people who really come forward to help other and muhammad u r one of them thank u for share such a wonderful detailed mod, God bless u bro.

      2. ali mohammed

        help please this mod of yours doesnt want to extract

    2. Daniel Faran

      Hi Vinnie, sorry for make you not comfortable, it is just a tradition in our country.
      – Indonesia
      Sorry for bad english

  3. I have been waiting! Finally! I will test this mod right away!

  4. how do you put it in your game????????????????????

  5. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here youtu.be/kC6rewYZ8hw … This mod is only WOW, very very very good mod and very high detail !!!

  6. Muhammad Husni

    i’m sorry about the description. i’m a modder of this mod.
    but it wasn’t me share this mod in this site.
    but, hope you like it and enjoy

    1. George bassil

      Hello sir, kindly i need your help about my ets2 v1.34,
      contact me on my whatsapp +256775634693
      i need your guidance thanks

  7. Jean POPINEAU

    Bad! I pass!
    If you have to believe in a god ……

    1. Daniel Faran

      hey Jean POPINEAU, why you not take a drive with this mod?!
      im sure you will like this mod, dont look people from outside please.

      sorry for bad english

  8. How+to+get+the+skin+pack

    1. Daniel Faran

      just copy the url and paste it on searching engine

      sorry for bad english

  9. Le Trainzeur du 42

    Ce mod est excellent, il y a quelques détails tels que le tangage ou les fonctionnalités du tdb à corriger, mais sinon ce car est très agréable à conduire !

  10. Oke this just a game haha, I’m from Indonesia too and i saw the progress of this mod, anyway please respect our friend who maked this mod, if you can’t donate, just write the author in you screen shot or YouTube videos then don’t claimed it.

  11. compatible the passenger mod? (Please write the link! THANKS)

    1. Tested on EAA Bus Map

  12. FoxOnTheBox

    Incredible work! HD video tested on 1.31 – youtube.com/watch?v=fTOh7jF7ej0

    @PTibor I’ve tried using the bus station mod, you can pick up the passengers but the bus phyics start to go crazy.

    1. erossutrisno

      Samething happen to me…

  13. Grzegorz Brzęczysczykiewicz

    Nice mod friend :).

  14. mehrab rjl 8000

    i love it 🙂

  15. andromeda4577

    please edit description or remove thread this site isnt religious but this guy obviously making islamic propaganda!

    1. Gabriel_Petra

      he just said “thanks to Allah”, nothing else, mate.

  16. Amazing Game Mate. Very Well Done

  17. Amazing Mod. Very Well Made, If you keep making mods like this Ets2 will be the best modding game Money can buy!!!

  18. Best Bus Mod i ever seen! Thanky you very much!

  19. best mod bus so far, high res texture and so much detail…
    developer standart for sure.

  20. Karl Albert Leschonski

    The bus is perfect, shame that does not take passengers.

    1. Muhammad Husni

      what shame?
      have you read the readme contained in this file?
      I have said that my mod is not finished yet, because my computer is broken. what is shame now? than you just say shame, you better keep quiet.

  21. Great job ! Thanks !

  22. Great job ! Thank you !

  23. wow! it become free??? are you sure?

  24. UnknownDarkness

    Amazing job here… but one think is ennoying me very badly. Modder can you make it compatible with bus station mod for 1.31? The bus is lifting on and you can’t drive it. Still one of the best bus mod what i’ve ever tried! 11/10 🙂 <3

  25. Tested on EAA Bus Map…

    1. Hi saw yo vid. But daz actually load off passengers or

  26. Mod for passengers,bus stops,anything?

  27. Karl Albert Leschonski

    I’m sorry, I did not mean “shame”, I used google translator. Actually I found the mod to be excellent and that unfortunately, still does not handle passengers.
    Excuse me.

  28. herogeneration5

    File was damage

  29. thet htoo zin


  30. Frankie MoLov

    Finally, best bus mod ever.. but my game crashes unexpected after I enter Start screen with the bus on the desktop background theme. can anyone help me with this?

    1. Frankie MoLov

      But I can drive the bus without any problem in game after purchase or upgrade it. please help

  31. The Powerenjes

    This guy is the best modder from Indonesia.

  32. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 ?? ▶️▶️ SCANiA Touring HD

  33. 2 bugs,
    1: right miror stoped working some time
    2: trafic car all time hits from behing and crashed

  34. That bus is really beautiful, but it have really weak lights. When is night i have to be using high beam.

  35. Arunagiri Senthil Kumar

    Dude I like this mode very much …… But it we cant drive it in V1.31 because the chasis was very shaken …. the bus lifting up on stearing control…. so pls pls change this..

  36. Murat Aktaş

    Please update for 1.42 🙁

  37. Game crashes when i try to configure. Someone plz help.

  38. Aleandro_52

    Mantaff cuy

  39. zip+file+is+damaged

  40. George bassil

    hello can anyone contact me about my ets2 v1.34 on my whatsapp

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