M.I.I Map V 0.1


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Tested on 1.15.x.x

*download all part (bag 1 + bag 2)
*extract all file
*put in 5 file scs to folder mod

Indonesia map for ETS 2 which required a new profile, is standalone map which replace standard map from ETS 2.

Please select indonesia.mbd when you create a new profile.

Enjoy the game!


ucapan terimakasih :

* TSM team
* goba6372 (salah satu inspirasi 😀 pembuatan map M.I.I)
* Tutorial mapping By Evergreen1976
* File “system 1.12”
* Donal juragan ballon
* Ridho tm
* S.ilham
* Legiunnaire
* Robikin
* Mendozblankon
* Wisnu suryo jatmiko
* Denny CH pratama
* Msrihardi modworks
* Mas bro
* Letrucker jaga jarak/burnedbruno
* para admin + member/warga grup Facebook + Thread ETS2 Kaskus
* Gustav rhan,Bayu,misterbasi,junededan,hakim pria santai,Fahmiashura..
* Dan masih banyak lagi yang tidak bisa saya sebutkan satu persatu 😀 maaf ya
* Terimakasih atas semangat dan dukungannya 😀
* Mohon maaf apabila masih banyak kesalahan dalam pembuatan map dan masih jauh dari sempurna

SCS, TSM team, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, satan19990, Waggi74, 2X2, mAn_Trucker, diverbaer, Carinthian, burnedbruno, GcnK

DOWNLOAD 81 MB bag 1
DOWNLOAD 86 MB bag 2

28 Responses to M.I.I Map V 0.1

  1. BahamutX says:

    love your map man!!but is there a way you can make little waves of water when your dirving acorss the water,and can you fix the traffics so they also get affected by the little bumps on the roads

    • Joseph Alker says:

      Not possible with current game engine. This is because the AI follows a rigid path defined by the prefab or road item, and ignores all building or model objects obstructing the path.

  2. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Here’s some deliveries that were done within the map….

    Transit2 to Gedong 210km run

    Titian to Harapan 261km run

    Harapan to Siring 916km run

    Gedong to Pembatuan 971km run

  3. Aaron Short says:

    Hi there can somebody please tell me what Euro Truck Simulator 2 version I need to play this im currently using and its kicking me straight out to the desktop any help on this would b apprecaited

    • BahamutX says:

      extract everything inside the (sor folder)and put them inside your mods folder,then start a new game disable all the other mods except this MAP, then enable the SOR mods.then go to the playing module and click on the down arrow and select KUBAN.MBD as your main map.you can enable all the other mods after you made an in game save.

  4. legiunnaire says:

    semoga yg share gcnk beneran hehe, nitip preview this map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpEkGlVCZD4

  5. BahamutX says:

    oops sorry (Aaron Short)that answer was for another site,i’m also on the same version as you and its working for me.try disabling your other mods the then try again.

  6. Hasan Deniz Dikeç says:

    Map is great.This is greatest map i have ever played.But there is a problem.Traffic goes left line.Can u make right line map?

  7. p says:

    on our country (Indonesia), we drive on left side of the road …

    • Hasan Deniz Dikeç says:

      But we are not in Indonesia.You must think other people.This map is great all of world playes this map.I think creators should make right lined version

      • lolSqoolio says:

        But sir… This is an Indonesian map, so please don’t expect it would be on the right side. Just like, UK. There’s no way UK is right-side drive.

  8. venntie says:

    its verry nice this map :))thank you all

  9. Xample says:

    whenever i am playing and i go to visit truck dealer or stop at a dealer i cant get to buy a truck because it comes out of the game and said that the game has encountered a problem. what can be done to stop this because i find the map very interesting and i wouuld rate it 8/10. its one of the second best map for me followed by Rus map. please someone can you help me solve my problem

  10. alex3000 says:

    Card liked to 0.1 is acceptable.We need to do to traffic went around obstacles and stones on the roads lower lower. When is the sequel?

  11. DYLAN says:

    can anyone help when i pass a truck dealer the game crashes i ave only 1 more mod on and that is the oversized trailers

  12. ALEFASTRANS15 says:

    Slm…m.i.i team map sye ets2 trucking dari malaysia…sye suke map ni kerna byk hutan2 dan jln2 extreme blh gak di tambah lebih extrem jln2 sempit lasak dan hutan2tebal….thnks

  13. jujun says:

    bsa d pke ets2 v 1.16.2 gk??

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bisa dipake utk v 1.16.2s ga????

  15. paulo says:

    I downloaded and tested the map , very good, pity and small so full very fast , it would be better if you could leave it as ( europe.mbd ) , with links to Europe and complement to other maps using a single profile , congratulations I liked it a lot

  16. jody says:

    bisa dipake versi ga?

  17. dimas says:

    mas bisa di pakek ke ets2 versi 1.23 gak

  18. iwan says:

    Bisa di pakai di ets v1.23 ?

  19. khafi jakfar shodik says:

    ini bagus sekali

  20. iNadeox says:

    Please update this! I really want to play this on 1.28/1.27 but can’t. I can’t even downgrade to 1.15 as the I cant find that version in the steam betas.

  21. Penjual Cylok says:

    Gan Dealer scania dimana ya??

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