Mack Anthem SCS ETS2 1.38.х

In the archive:
1. Mack Anthem New Interior.scs
2. Mirror alignment for Mack Anthem.scs
3. Mack_MP8_engine_sound.scs
4. Mack Anthem SCS ETS2.scs
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Salon: Mack

SCS, losevo58, DUKE, Kriechbaum, gabenz88


7 thoughts on “Mack Anthem SCS ETS2 1.38.х

  1. Замените в профиле: Mack Anthem SCS ETS2.scs
    Исправил левое капотное зеркало.
    Перекачайте архив заново!
    Replace in profile: Mack Anthem SCS ETS2.scs
    Fixed the left hood mirror.
    Download the archive again!

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    lien mort

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  5. peperebvs

    merci pour le lien

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