Mack-B61 1953 ETS2 [mTG] v1.42-v1.43

Last modified:
Added SUPPORT for multiplayer – CONVOY.:)
Fixed the texture of the balance indicator in the interior and exterior.:)
Fixed the display of frontal and side mirrors in the EXTERIOR.:)
Added 4 new FMOD sound engines CAT-15, CAT-16, Cummins-N14С and MP7.:)
Changed 3 sounds FMOD at engines Cummins-ISXS Cummins-N14 and Paccar MX13 .:)
Changed increased speed and efficiency of the engines and 650HP 735HP – (each engine type.:)
Added new powerful engine, 800HP, with a higher speed, and efficiency.:)
Attached to the standard dealer IVECO.:)
In the log all pure 100% (percent):):).

Tested on ETS2 version:
It should also work on ETS2 version: 1.43.x

Authors: mo3Del Truck Game (mTG): Stas556.
3D model of the truck: Sapgh, JAWA.
Envelope in the game, animation: Stas556.
Sounds FMOD: Kriechbaum, CyrusTheVirus, SerialBlack and XBS.
Adaptation and residence permit for the new version of ETS2: MaxX_Agent.

mo3Del Truck Game (mTG): Stas556.
Convert truck to ATS in ETS2: MaxX_Agent.


4 thoughts on “Mack-B61 1953 ETS2 [mTG] v1.42-v1.43

    1. MaxX_Agent =(x_x)=

      It’s old video to version 1.41! ok

  1. Hi, I can’t See the instruments. So I need to Install another Mod. Ets Version 1.43

  2. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 // MACK B61 1953 (Tuning + Differant Sound) [1.43]

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