Maersk Reefer Container 1.32.x

Buy in standard trailer
Please don’t re-upload MOD
You can share to other sites, but please keep the original link
enjoy,Have fun



4 thoughts on “Maersk Reefer Container 1.32.x

  1. What is this?
    qq = no Material
    with a Price of:

    1. It’s an another unfinished modo!d!ot !
      relax mate! )

  2. Hello! Just contact the production trailer, there are still many things that can’t be done, please forgive me.

  3. There is a default scs reefer container mod available for ATS. That one unlocks the default hidden reefer container.

    Can anyone port it to ETS2?

    The container carrier trailers are a bit left out IMO

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